Our goal is to make working with Juno Genetics as easy as possible. Juno is committed to support the clinics we work with by providing guidance at all stages of the PGT process. We are available to help with queries and provide advice. At Juno we understand different clinics may have unique needs and our policy is based on flexibility, where we adapt to the specific requirements of each clinic. If your clinic already offers PGT in collaboration with another genetic laboratory, then it is likely that very few, if any, significant changes will be necessary. Please contact Juno Genetics and we will be happy to guide you through the registration procedure, providing you with all the necessary documentation and solving any questions you may have. If your clinic is new to PGT, Juno can assist by providing information and documentation to help you get started. Juno can also assist with training and evaluation of procedures, ensuring that all elements of the PGT procedure are optimized and functioning properly, prior to launch a clinical service. Please contact supportspain@junogenetics.com to get started with Juno.